Country songstress Gwen Sebastian has released her new studio album, “Once Upon a Time in the West: Act I” via Flying Island Entertainment.

The album was produced by Louis Newman. It opens with the sultry title cut, “Once Upon a Time in the West,” which features her crisp and crystalline voice. It is followed by the sassy and mid-tempo “Blue Flame” and the bluesy ballad “Cadillac.”

“Wing and a Feather” features the gorgeous harmonies of country darling Ashley Monroe. “Love Birds” has a stirring melody to it, and it continues with the spitfire “Ain’t All That Bad.”

Sebastian’s vocals are poetic and heavenly on “Cry to Jackson,” where the listener can recall veteran country star Pam Tillis. Equally impressive is the acoustic ballad “Losers and Lashes,” which is pure country. Her single “Quicksand” is another gem, as Digital Journal reported.

Her duet “Oh Cowboy” with country queen Miranda Lambert is fantastic, and easily one of the top tracks on the album. After “I’m Not With the Band,” the album closes with the sassy “Drunk or Stoned” and the heart-wrenching ballad “Way to Go,” where she showcases tremendous control over her voice.

 The Verdict
Overall, Gwen Sebastian has released a superb studio effort with Once Upon a Time in the West: Act I, which has a wide variety of songs. It is worth more than just a passing glance, and it is recommended for all fans of country music. Sebastian never disappoints. This CD garners an A rating.
Her new album Once Upon a Time in the West: Act I is available on Amazon.

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