Former “The Voice” contestant Gwen Sebastian tells Rare Country about writing a heartbreak song with pals Miranda Lambert and Anderson East.

There’ve been a million songs written about how hard it is for a person making their living on the road, but it’s rare you hear the perspective of the person who’s left behind at home. That’s what Gwen Sebastian’s new song, “I’m Not With the Band,” is all about. As a touring musician who is married to another musician, Gwen knows firsthand how hard it is to be away from your significant other when one of you is on the road and the other one is home alone.

Gwen tells Rare Country, “It’s difficult. We love what we do, and we’re so lucky to be able to do music for a living. So, I mean, it sounds like something that we shouldn’t be whining about, but you sacrifice a lot. Musicians sacrifice a lot. Husbands and wives that are at home sacrifice a lot as well.  You have to find that balance of being happy on the road and coming home, too. You get used to being on the road. It’s so hard to come back and be involved in normal life again.”

These days, Gwen is busy on the road singing harmony with her pal, Miranda Lambert. Gwen and Miranda co-wrote “I’m With the Band” with along with their friend April Lewis and Miranda’s boyfriend, Anderson East. The ladies were on the West Coast on a girls’ trip to watch one of Anderson’s shows when they all got together at the hotel for a songwriting session. “I’m With the Band” is the product of that collaboration.

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