There are a solid handful of songs on the radio empowering women and reminding them that they have choices and control over their lives and bodies. Some sound angry and defiant, others sound celebratory and triumphant, some are nostalgic and sweet, others are just downright fun. Now, Gwen Sebastian’s new single, “Rock Stars,” gives the choice and control a sultry spin.

While the groove is slow-rolling and the production in the intro hints at a dark seduction, the chorus opens up to cradle Gwen’s shimmering vocal, changing the tone ever-so-slightly from tantalizing to titillating while still maintaining the edgy groove established from the start.

“It’s about bringing passion back into a relationship from a female perspective that’s said in an untraditional way,” Gwen says of “Rock Stars.”

Lyrics like, “Been too long since I led you on and led you down the hall, and let you catch me, let you press me up against the wall. I confess I bought this dress just to let you tear it off,” leave little question as to what the singer’s motives are and who is in control of the forthcoming activities. The song also serves as a solid reminder that while women are letting their voices be heard loudly and clearly in the workplace, on social media, and in politics, they are also entitled to ask for exactly what they want in the bedroom.

Or in the back seat. Or on the kitchen table. You know, whatevs. And if they ask like Gwen, they’re very likely to get it. “Rock Stars” is the newest release from Gwen’s upcoming album, Once Upon a Time in the West: Act II and was co-written by Gwen, Blue Foley and Randall Clay.