“The big Kenny Chesney show at Soldier Field isn’t until Saturday (June 6). But Miranda Lambert? She got to Chicago a couple of days early, so naturally, she wanted to warm up her voice.

How’d she do it? By playing a surprise show — for free — at Joe’s Bar on Thursday night, joining her band and crew’s own band Permnent Damage onstage.

(And no. I’m not spelling that wrong. The band’s website clearly explainsthat the missing “a” was struck by lightning.)

They do this from time to time: show up a little early for a big Lambert show and head to a local bar to take the stage, play some cover songs by the B-52’s, Guns N’ Roses, Rush and more and generally blow off some steam.

At this particular Chicago show, Lambert also had Gwen Sebastian with her.

“Ok Chicago @gwensebastian and me are rehearsing for the Permnent Damage show tonight at Joes Bar. ‘Bang Bang Bang on the door baby … Knock a little louder sugar’ … #we’rewiththeband,” Lambert tweeted early in the day.” …..

by  6/5/2015 | CMT