Behind (or beside) every great artist, there’s often a backup singer. Those men and women add layers to a star’s live performance, yes, but they also have incredible voices themselves. After all, they’re making a living backing up superstars.

Some of the best backup singers in country and Americana have names you likely know (hi, Gwen Sebastian!). Some have fan followings all their own (just watch how the crowd reacts next time Chris Stapleton introduces his wife during a concert). All are 100-percent worthy of a spotlight all their own.

Sebastian first became connected with Miranda Lambert when Lambert’s now-ex-husband, Blake Shelton, chose Sebastian for his team on the second season of The Voice. Sebastian worked with Lambert during that season’s Battle Rounds, beginning a lasting bond. These days, Sebastian tours with Lambert; not only does she provide backup vocals, but she also co-wrote three songs on Lambert’s 2016 album The Weight of These Wings.