#CMChat-She may spend most of her time traveling the open road with one of country music’s biggest stars in history, but Gwen Sebastian insists that the small town in her soul is a thing of permanency. Gwen, best known for her stint on NBC’s The Voice and as accompanying vocalist for Blake Shelton, has now released a new single, “Small Town Soul,” and the offering is everything you would come to expect from this exceptional singer … and more.

Penned by Nicolle Galyon and Hailey Steele, it is evident these songwriters understand Gwen’s lifestyle and, likewise, have experienced it themselves. “Small Town Soul” is art imitating life, as it tells the story of a girl from a small town who is living the dream out on tour; sleeping on buses, pulling clothes out of her suitcases, and witnessing her ultimate goal from the closest seat in the house. Not only does this song give listeners a chance to bond with Gwen throughout her musical biography, but it also reminds us just why Gwen has become so successful doing what she loves.

In her new single, Gwen is vulnerability and honesty personified, as she admittedly recognizes the fairytale that is her life, but points out that she will always remain true to her roots. With soulful, emotional, and simply beautiful vocals, Gwen embraces the path she has chosen and all that it has to offer, but never forgets the route home. The lyrics state “there’s no forgetting my humble beginnings; where I’m going, God only knows. I leave a little piece of me everywhere I go. Pretty lights, city signs, and a skyline glow, but you can’t take the small town from the small town soul.”

This song will resonate with anybody who has ever left behind a simple life to chase a complex dream; the girls and boys next-door who knew there was something beyond the white picket fences of their own properties. With a song that is the complete package — flawless vocals, gorgeous instrumentation, and relatable lyrics — one can only hope that radio gets it right this time and shares this musical gift with the country fans of the world.

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